Getting To Know… Rebecca Victoria

Sydney based model Rebecca Victoria has a chat with SYS about modelling, acting, Cher and her dream of one day giving it all up to be a gyspy hippy lady. For real:

Modelling is a life decision and complete commitment. It fuels my creativity, makes me happy. Makes my bank happy occasionally.

Aside from modelling I like to take my own pictures with old disposable cameras and collect weird small items I see when walking around. I have a bag full of junk but I believe they’re all omens. I may have OCD.

I also act. I have done one film, two music videos [Razorlight’s Burberry Blue Eyes and Old Man River’s You’re On My Mind] and a few commercials. I really want to expand this.

London is dirty, moody, mysterious, hard, tough, cold, exciting, full of opportunities, accepting and broad minded. If I were a city, I’d be London. This is my home.

I just downloaded the discography of Cher. She’s cool. The bands I am into at the moment are Yeasayer, Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding and The Cramps. I cant go to sleep without the Cinematic Orchestra .

It might surprise people to learn that I used to dance, love yoga, and love punk rock and hardcore music. Oh, and Rebecca Victoria isn’t my whole name.

In the future I want to be a gypsy hippy lady, travelling around the countryside, enjoying nature and teaching art. The material things should never make you happy.

Rebecca is with Chadwick Models in Sydney.