Getting To Know… Zara Taylor

SYS went all the way to India to have a chat with Zara Taylor. She tells us about her music, her cooking and how you might see her walking around in her PJs:

Music makes me gluttonous. LIBERATED. Music feeds my soul. It’s like I cook sad, unattractive feelings into something hopeful and beautiful and then I eat it over and over again, because it’s that good. Hopefully. I can get quite self-involved when writing so I go through periods of time where I’m completely unproductive in my music. I think it’s all about the balance though.

I take inspiration from humanity. People are all so weird and sad and complicated and sexy. Writing about it seems to make sense of it somehow.

I’m thinking of calling my debut album RED. But I’m undecided still. I’ve just been in this huge red phase for some reason. Everything in my apartment is red. I’m really drawn to the colour right now. I hope my album will properly represent my vision and not just one producer or a label. And I hope it’s memorable. I’m getting super stoked on how things are unfolding so far with some new tracks.

Aside from music, I love to cook. I spend most of my spare time eating. Last night I made a Gorgonzola mac and cheese that was pretty heavenly. I love red wine and good food. Everything sensuous. I’m all about comfort food, atmosphere, being happy and chilling out. I recently got some cats and I spend a lot of time cleaning up their shit but they’re really cute and good at pretending to love me back in a human way, so I don’t mind so much.

It was an honour to represent Canadian nightlife as part of The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. I thought it was a great concept to start with and then that successfully translated into an awesome party. I loved those dancers dressed as Canadian mounties, that was hilarious. And I was really excited to sing my new track Feels Like Heaven for the first time in India, because it has that Indian/Middle Eastern flavour. I got to see a lot of people dancing to it. It was such a good night.

It might surprise people to learn that, while I dress up all fancy for my shows in tight, short clothes, I really live my everyday in sweatpants. You probably don’t care, but it’s true. If you see me walking around Van City in what looks like my pyjamas, please don’t be shy, come say hello, don’t be a weirdo. It’s perfectly normal!

Find out more about Zara by visiting her website.

Interview by Rob Townsend