Get To Know Chicks Who Love Guns

I would describe Chicks Who Love Guns’ sound as something that spawned from boredom, then evolved into something a little more thought out. It’s got a real brash element to it which is probably the boredom thing coming into play again. We play fast songs, loud songs and generally it’s something that we feel is sonically entertaining – at least to people who are in the same boat as us and are sick of generic indie pop blegh.

We take inspiration from all over the place. Xavier (Drums) is as much into watching Dave Grohl or Jimmy Chamberlin play drums as he is into listening to The Budos Band. Jack (Guitar) listens to all sorts of shit too, he makes electronic music on the side in the vein of Flying Lotus or Gaslamp Killer. Mitch (Bass) listens to a lot of 31G bands like The Locust and Some Girls, Mody (Guitar) loves him some Rowland S Howard and Liars but has a pretty keen ear for good local music and always seems to be the one playing us some random band from Brisbane or Melbourne or something. I guess that leaves me, these days I listen to loads of hip hop. A group like OFWGKTA appeals to me heaps (well, all of us really) because they have a real punk ethic to them and seeing footage of them live is more like seeing one of our shows than your standard hip hop gig.

Sydney is pretty good. Some of the music that comes out of here is truly awesome but a lot is rubbish. I’m a grumpy bastard though and really can’t stand any music that is too quirky or cutesy and there seems to be a neverending flow of that. There are some great bands here though – Zeahorse, La Mancha Negra, Psychonanny and The Babyshakers, Myth & Tropics, Mother and Son (Wollongong) – bands that have more balls and substance for me. I’m sure it’s like that everywhere though, there will always be a counter-culture. Whether we are or they are is something I’m not sure of.

I am currently listening to Earl Sweatshirt, Pulled Apart by Horses, Rolo Tomassi

It might surprise people to learn that the G from The G,L + S tattoo Xavier got tattooed in his lip for our video clip has already worn away. Ahaha now he just has L+S.

Our show at The Gaelic will hopefully be one of the best we’ve done. We haven’t played in about two months because we’ve had a couple of members overseas, so I’m hoping we get a good crowd down. It will be a supremely fun night I think, tell a friend. BYO ruckus. We just may be doing a cover of this: