Yuck’s debut is fresh and exciting

Hailing from London and including Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom, both of whom used to be in Cajun Dance Party, Yuck land on the indie scene sounding at times like they hail from 1990s America. So much so that their eponymous debut’s opener, Get Away, rips its way out of the speakers with Pixies basslines, Sonic Youth guitars and Malkmus vocals.

Elsewhere, the outstanding Shook Down is Teenage Fanclub at their most romantic and Georgia is My Bloody Valentine mixed with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Excitingly – and crucially – though, while clearly referencing these influences, Yuck doesn’t sound derivative in the slightest, but rather is a fresh and exciting post-grunge offering with a DIY ethic (much of it was recorded in Max’s bedroom and Daniel’s flat).

The record tales off a little toward the end but then, in this age of diminished attention, how many albums don’t frontload all their best tunes? Anyway, by the time this happens, you’ll already be knackered from dancing around your bedroom like a loony in your flanno and Sonic Youth T-shirt.

One of the most exciting debuts of the year, Yuck suggests a bright future for this likable bunch of Londoners.

Review by Bobby Townsend