RWB at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week


Nicole Dora casts her eye over the Romance Was Born Collection at RAFW:

For Rosemount Australian Fashion Week,  it seemed this year it was all the rage to show your S/S 11-12 collection off site and off schedule. Designers such as Ginger & Smart and Carla Zampatti chose this option, as did Australian fashion darlings Romance Was Born. With a collection titled The Oracle and held at the Mitchell Library, everyone was wondering what Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales – the duo behind the label – had up their sleeves.

Every designer has some sort of inspiration to back up their collection, however Romance Was Born seems to be one label that takes it to a whole other level. With the press release reading like a fantasy novel, we are told of child princesses and other worldly creatures and this is translated beautifully in the clothes. Intricate prints in varying fabrics and textures give way to cuts that are decidedly 1920’s. It’s not that these references are subtle enough to wear in the 21st century, it’s that RWB reminds us that fashion is not to be taken too seriously (and obviously this involves going out dressed like a chic flapper lady).

The word on the street it that RWB have grown up – I don’t think it is an issue of maturity, but rather a widening of the target audience for this latest collection. What was once a crazy print on denim cut off’s and frilly cropped jackets, we are now seeing on slouchy pyjama-style pants and posh singlet tops that show off impeccable tailoring and craftsmanship. The lycra leggings made another appearance, but this time they have been adorned with a digital print featuring antique turquoise and gold jewellery.

That isn’t to say all the crazy had left the building, with a dress featuring pearl embellishment and finished off with a skirt made from fake hair. Classic The Never Ending Story character Rock Biter also made an appearance in the form of a sculpted top paired with gold sequined jeans. There was an excess of elegance in this collection, but I’m quite happy with the result because under all the glam, Romance Was Born are still kooky and wild and perfectly unique.

Review by Nicole Dora