Clytem Scanning – Armada album review

We make no secret of how much we love Clytem Scanning. Every now and again a new video from her arrives in our inbox and we get excited at the prospect of taking another venture into her weird and wonderful brain. So when her album, Armada, plopped onto our doormat accompanied by a little handwritten note from her, we couldn’t wait to get it on the stereo.

Armada offers ten blistering tracks of electro-noise-pop that lands between NIN and The Knife. Its tracks are intelligently layered, often building to a daunting crescendo of noise. Massue is a fine example of this, while the industrial, beat driven melody of In The Line of Moebius is dancey in a Bjork-meets-Moloko kinda way. “You live and let die,” sings the Parisian, “It’s all in your heart.”

Meawhile, The Body Solderer has hints of Maxinquaye-era Tricky amid a general NIN vibe and perhaps best sums up Clytem Scanning, as shades of dark and light intertwine. It’ll leave you wondering whether you should get up and dance your legs off or sit in the corner and ruminate. Impressively, whether you choose to boogie or brood, the French singer manages to create a mood to suit.

This textured offering of weight and levity is the perfect window into Clytem Scanning’s world. It is a world of which we love being a part.

Review by Bobby Townsend