Getting To Know Clytem Scanning

We talk a lot about Clytem Scanning at, so we figured it’s about time she told you a little about herself in her own words. Here goes:

I am inspired by many, many things. It all swarms inside me. For [recently released long-player] Armada, I was deeply into Tricky’s first albums, Arthur Russell’s Calling Out of Context, Planningtorock and HTRK. I will remain in love all my life with Coil and NIN. Definitely. I am also very much inspired by images. I collect images all around me and put them in personal albums. Akira from Otomo, stories of Moebius, Junji Ito, Edward Gorey. And images made by Oscar Schlemmer, Robert Longo, Kippenberger, Archigram, Super Studio.

I would describe my sound as dark/a bit experimental/electro. These are terms that I use to describe Clytem Scanning when I send promo cds. But seriously, this is a bit ridiculous. Music is abstract, it means nothing to put words on it.

Paris is becoming like New York or London: rich and dense, filled by wealthy young people and old bourgeois. It is very freaky. But it has lots of positive aspects: lots of concerts, movies and the streets are never dead. But there is a real problem of space right now. So maybe I will move… just one-hour from the center of Paris, to breathe a little more (not that I am into the bio lifestyle really).

If I could only listen to three albums for the rest of my life, they would be:
Coil – The Ape of Naples (for the sublime)
NIN – Broken (for the fury)
Kate Bush – The Dreaming (for the crazy joy)
That would be a kind of equilibrium for me. But maybe a total nightmare after few days. I hope it will never happen.It might surprise people to learn thatI do all my music in a 10m² room.In five years time I hope I will have released many Clytem Scanning albums. Let’s say 4-5 albums! That would be great! I also hope that I will go on with the total independence and freedom that I have right now and that I will still have fun making music. I also wish I’ll remain curious and excited with new stuff. I am not complicated, you see. If I could play in a 20m², that would be cool, but it is not essential.