Lovecat – Reignites your love of printed pages

Everyone keeps telling us that print is a dead medium. Why would anybody walk into a shop and buy a magazine when they can just see it all on their laptop, ipad or smart phone? And with less people buying magazines, the industry has got a little lazy and disillusioned. Therefore the quality has dipped and there is even less chance of people bothering to spend their hard earned pennies in their local newsagent. It’s a Catch 22 situation.

So we should say a massive HOORAY to Lovecat Magazine for putting the cat amongst the pigeons, for giving the magazine industry an almighty kick up the arse and for reigniting our love for the printed page. Lovecat Magazine is a new fashion model fanzine bursting out of the USA. Taking its identity from the old school Teen Beats and Punk Rock fanzines, but with a pinup approach and published quarterly, it features some of the hottest models shot by some of the top and up-and-coming fashion photographers.

Much like Something You Said does with its favourite models and musicians in its Getting To Know… series, Lovecat features fan interviews that give the reader an inside look into some of the lives of the girls we see on countless billboards and magazines. Each new issue is a mix of models, art, music, fashion and beauty in an unconventional form , making it a collectors item.

Brilliantly-named editors in chief, Prince Peter Chenova and Jacob Dekat, say in their debut issue, “After reading countless fashion magazines, we honestly just became bored. We felt a dire need to create something that was missing. These uncensored visual tales are meant to take you back to the supermodel days, when beauty and femininity ruled the world. Love, Collect, and Enjoy.”

If the first issue is anything to go by, Lovecat Magazine will certainly be worth collecting. We love Paz de la Huerta and we ADORE the work of Ellen Von Unwerth (did you see her amazing recent shoot with Dioni Tabbers?). So put Ellen and Paz together and you are on to the ultimate winner. If that weren’t enough good shit for issue number one, then Something You Said’s very own Britany Nola (right) is featured too. Double winner!

But the best thing about Lovecat Magazineis that it is clearly created with a passion and a respect for its medium. It is edgy, dangerous, exciting. Impressively, it combines the artistic beauty of a coffee-top glossy with the don’t-give-a-fuck edginess of a fanzine made with glue and scissors.

Issue One is on sale now. You can pick it up in the US and in selected stores in Europe or you can purchase it from

 Words by bobby townsend