King Louie’s Missing Monuments

King Louie Bankston seems to have a few things he’d like to get off his chest. It’s not house prices or the state of the Greek economy that’s playing on his mind – but the politics of perpetual partying, picking up hot girls and getting high.

Painted White is a fairly straight-bat affair from this veteran of the garage punk scene who played extensively with the late Jay Reatard and featured in various seminal bands like The Persuaders and Exploding Hearts.

(It’s Like) XTC sums up the general tone of the record, with long-time collaborator and lead guitarist Julien Fried laying down the hooks as Louie yelps about getting cheap thrills from pills and nailing his latest squeeze: “It’s like ecstasy/Radio on to our favourite song/She’s right next to me/Gettin’ it ON!”

While it might not be deep and meaningful stuff, the songwriting on the whole is solid and pop-tinged tracks like Girl of the Nite and Victory Lap are ideal for a hot summer evening spent in the park with a beaten up stereo and a stack of warm beers.

Review by Andy James