Diane Spencer interview

Flame-haired, award-winning comedian, Diane Spencer, shares a few words with Something You Said:

What can people who come to your Edinburgh show expect?
They can expect, in a physical sense, a woman standing in front of them telling stories, and whatever pictures appear in their minds, will provoke laughter. I really enjoy telling stories, and quite often they are personal in nature. I don’t deal in politics, yet… I more deal in the everyday, the emotional, the interpersonal relationships we all have whether with someone we love, or someone we meet on a train. My show is about a journey home, and there are some tangents on the way.
How did you first get into stand-up? Was it something you always wanted to do?
I just wanted to find out if I was funny. And no it certainly wasn’t, but once I did it the first time, I simply had to do it again, and again and here I am. Stand-up is something so different and instantaneous. When you listen to how a comedian – a really amazing comedian – talks, it’s incredible. They take your mind into new places.After Edinburgh, what else have you got planned for 2011?
Whatever writing projects emerge from the Edinburgh Fringe really. I’m going to a comedy festival in Denmark, a place called Arhaus, which I’ve never been to before.

Longer term, what artistic aspirations do you have?
I love science fiction, I’m currently working to write a sci-fi sitcom… watch this space for beehives and lasers.

What music will you be listening to on the journey to and from Edinburgh?
John Williams – 40 years.
It’s outstanding, it includes Indiana Jones, Superman and Jurassic Park.

Find out more about Diane at her website.

Interview by Bobby Townsend.