The Comedy Lounge in Sydney

We are partial to a bit of live comedy over here at Something You said. That Comedy Thing in Eastbourne quickly became one of our favourite nights out and, over on the other side of the globe, there is a similarly fun evening’s entertainment to be had.

At Sydney’s Cafe Lounge, Englishman Rhys Jones (above) hosts a Monday night feast of laughs with a whole lot of up-and-coming talent on display. Highlights amongst the nine comedians this week were a fantastic turn from the world-weary John Cruckshank (who headlines the week after next and is not to be missed) and surreal insanity from Nick Capper, who told stories about a woman giving birth to a pig filled with jelly beans (yeah, it was funnier when he said it), while Jones himself opened the night with his well-observed anecdotal tales. Elsewhere, there was dry self-deprecation from Michelle Betts and boundless enthusiasm from Umit Bhali, while the whole thing was tied together nicely by MC Michael Hing, who set the tone just right with his jovial interaction with the audience.

The venue itself is perfect for such an event, in that it has a warm, intimate charm. It’s not called the Lounge for nothing, and the audience is positioned on mismatched chairs close to the stage, meaning there is plenty of banter flying about. Not heckling from the crowd nor cruel teasing from the comedians, but rather a comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which the whole room feels very much part of the proceedings. It makes for a delightfully laid-back evening.

Doors open 5pm, happy hour 5 to 7pm ($10 pizzas, $5 drinks) and the show starts at 7.30pm sharp. It all wraps up at a decent hour too, so if you were worried about going out on a schoolnight, then don’t. You can laugh your knob off and still be home in time for the arse end of Q&A (wow, knob and arse in the same sentence. Who said we can’t be high-brow?).

The Comedy Lounge is a fine, cheap and intimate way to spend your Monday evening. Give it a shot.

Review by Bobby Townsend