Fox + Sui interview

The wonderfully talented writer Jess O’Callaghan interviews Fox + Sui:

Becky Freeman, half of Melbourne-based duo Fox + Sui, speaks just like she sings. Everything is wonderfully dreamy, and she doesn’t seem to find the intercontinental evolution of their debut EP nearly as astounding as I do. “Andy would make the music and send it to me wherever I was in the world and I would use Garage Band and sing over it.” Where was she, when she was putting lyrics to Andras Fox’s already mesmerising music? “All over. San Francisco, London…Bahrain.”

Becky (or Sui Zhen, as she is known when she is creating amazing songs like this one) and Melbourne beat-maker Andras Fox met at the Red Bull Music Academy in London. She calls the experience a “life-changing kind of thing. All expenses paid, access to all the equipment… They take every care out of you apart from making music.” With every other care relegated to the real world, the only two Australians in the RBMA semester began to make brilliant music together.

Drawn together by speaking the same language and a love of psychedelic garage style music by James Pants, Becky and Andras began to produce demos and become friends. Fox + Sui combines Becky’s tinkling voice and dream-like lyrics with Andras’s talent for mixing garage house, and what comes out is somewhere between lounge, exotica and dreamy pop. “For the next six or seven months I was travelling around and Andy would send me instrumental tracks… He would be using obscure sampling, and making them in a really analogue way and I would just use the microphone on my laptop.”

Does the influence of where she was show in the music they made? Becky thinks it’s inevitable, although don’t expect lyrics about Bahrain to be leaping out of the ether. The mystical quality of the music they make means that they could get away with their unique recording techniques, and create something incredible. And when they’re not travelling the world, playing psychedelic festivals and collecting records? Becky creates some beautifully homemade music videos. I ask about my favourite – the addictive stop-motion clip for her solo work as Sui Zhen Little Frog. “I’m glad that I did it,” she says with a laugh, although admits it took a long time. “Actually, not a long time, a couple of weeks, but I didn’t edit it until a long time later.”

Fox + Sui’s live shows apparently boast psychedelic muumuus. As if we need convincing.

Interview by Jess O’Callaghan. Find out more about Fox and Sui at their facebook page.