Slugga Tee EP

From the Millennium Jazz stable comes Slugga Tee and his solo EP, Passages From The Puddle, Something You Said’s 25ThC gives his verdict:

Slugga Tee built up his name with an abundance of features throughout the years and was the frontman for 12” Matter, who you may remember achieved Hip Hop Single of the Week and 5 out of 5 Stars from DJ Magazine for their seminal track Sunshine Coast. Slugga now rolls with the Millenium Jazz Team and presents his first EP featuring six tracks as a free digital download (available from Millenium Jazz Music).

Opener Same Old Struggle, featuring MC’s Gadget and ReggiiMental, charts the reality of everyday life in Britain today. It describes the lives of the single mum with a fake tan who “drinks through the pain till she blacks out” through to the kids who “roll with a trigger in tow”. On The Reunion, Slugga recounts attending a school reunion. The track is filled with funny lines but also tinged with sadness at how all of his peers have grown up and changed in ways that he would not have believed possible.

Elsewhere, Love and Hate is the very personal and heartfelt account of a loving relationship. At the start the union is so deep and tight and continues throughout the tragedy of a custody battle for his two young daughters. Then the mind games start and trust slips away until the relationship has to be ended. The chorus says it all, “I love to hate you and I hate to love you/but this is my thank you and this is my fuck you,” and the track is indicative of the EP’s high standard, both lyrically and musically.

The EP is FREE and very good, so download it now!

Review by 25ThC