Lover – White Magick

Liana Gow-Killingbeck falls a little in love with the new White Magick collection:

Purity. Elegance. Magnificence.

If I were to ever find a man crazy enough to walk me down the aisle, then there is a good chance I would want to do it in one of these amazing pieces. They even included a jumpsuit among the dresses in this collection, and after working for Hussy, I must say I am definitely partial to a decent jumpsuit.

I have always enjoyed the Lover label, particularly their denim. They introduced me to my favourite Aussie model Tallulah Morton and their presence in the early Russh mags was somewhat iconic (and being a long time reader, Russh‘s influences have totally rubbed off on me).

Though their dresses are usually a smidge too feminine for my personal taste, I usually find a piece in each collection of theirs I would happily trade an arm and a leg for (though, if I were missing those limbs, I would probably look more like the corpse bride than I originally intended).

This stunning collection debuted exclusively last week in their delightful flagship store in the Strand, Sydney. If you are in Sydney, DO pop by and see it.

Review by Liana Gow-KillingbeckImages courtesy of Oyster. See more of them on Liana’s blog, where this review first appeared.