The Miraculous Mundane

Something You Said’s resident fashion expert, Liana Gow-Killingbeck, casts her eye on the latest offering from Romance Was Born:

Yeah, so I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on inside the brains of Romance Was Born duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett is exceedingly brilliant. I sometimes wonder if they constantly observe the world through a pair of Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs, watching life whirl in magic and colour and fantasy. It’s as if they are being kind enough to share these vivid visions with us regular folk through their clothing.

Over the past few years Romance Was Born has become quite renowned for their deliciously theatrical designs, and once again, they’ve failed to disappoint. Their recently released pre-collection 2012 lookbook, The Miraculous Mundane, is oh-so-tasty, and relevantly so, as the inspiration for this collection draws from none other than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kawinkydink!

Melbourne based artist Stephan Bush is the creative genius behind the digital prints which have made this collection so sweetly salient. The swirling, rainbow shift dresses are totally Ab-Fab darling, and look as if they’ve just stepped off an Austin Powers set or something. The space-like bubble dresses are very Violet Beauregarde (for obvious reasons), and I’m thinking the vibrant, printed silk pieces will be a definite hit due to the raging demand of quality graphics in the everyday fashionista’s wardrobe.

As for that acid green psychedelic print, aye carumba! It makes my iTunes visualiser totally giddy with jealousy. Gotta get me on that good ship lollipop!

Review by Liana Gow-Killingbeck. See the pre-Collection 12 lookbook at Oyster