1929Indian at The Toff in Melbourne

Ebe Cassidy checked out a very mysterious gig from 1929Indian:

Having arrived at the Toff on a chilly Wednesday night knowing very little about 1929Indian, I left the gig knowing very little more. Mystery was the word of the night. Support Poco la Pax played a set so early I couldn’t say for certain if anyone managed to catch it, they then proceeded to disappear. We arrived to a very nearly empty room, the disco lights twinkling softly over the quiet, tiny audience when gradually bits and pieces 80’s inspired electro pop group 1929Indian began to materialise onstage until all five members were ready to play a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, six song set.

What recorded comes across as a jaunty, synth-driven sound with really fun nods to 80’s legends like The Cure, live was a somewhat more melancholy experience.
Perhaps lacking enthusiasm due to the modest size of the audience – or could it have been the unfamiliar Melbourne chill, 1929Indian’s lacklustre set conveyed less about their musical ability and more their desire to be somewhere else (notable exception: a cheerfully smiling keyboardist).

What 1929Indian may have – on this particular night – lacked in eagerness to perform, they certainly made up for in looking the part, all came dressed to impress in dangerously tight denim and a fitting air of dankness. It wasn’t solid moodiness though, Women In Cages, the lead single, proved to be an enjoyable moment, hinting at what the band can do when they… lighten up a bit?

Review by Ebe Cassidy