Prague through a cheap Soviet Lomo

Joe Waters hits the streets of Praha with a trusty Lomo in his hand:

As a half-arsed attempt to take up a hobby (other than beer consumption) here in Prague, I picked up a Lomo Smena 8m for less than a tenner (The Queens of course). Having scanned the instructions of my tiny plastic manual comrade, I began a geeky obsession with film photography. Carrying the Soviet box of goodness with me everywhere I went, I experimented with colours, film speeds and double exposures. All this led to the buying of various other cameras and a room full of negatives, and although I don’t use them as much as I used to (having now figured out an old Japanese SLR), I am still very thankful to them for keeping me sober at least once or twice and for my incredibly geeky love for film. God Bless the Communists, eh?

Words and Pictures by Joe Waters