Interview: Getting To Know Fanny Lumsden

Ahead of a few live dates, the lovely Fanny Lumsden and her bandmates tell us a bit about themselves:

Fanny Lumsden & The Thrillseekers are more fun than a poke in the eye with a garden hoe (Dan) and are not a ‘hire-a stripper group’ from the classified section (Ben). Technically we are a six-piece ‘folk-a-hillbilly’ outfit from Sydney, we will give you a heart-warming- toe-tapping-gun-slinging live show that is both as sweet as home made jam and raucous as a howling midnight hoedown.

The new EP is called Autumn Lawn EP and comes with instructions on how to build one. No joke. It features a song called Shotgun that was written off the back of my uncle Ken shooting his toe off.

Our live shows will have you believing your home has turf for carpet and hay bales for chairs, you have a rope swing in your kitchen and that you can grow money in a bottle buried under an apricot tree. They will also be a prime place for dancing like a pork chop.

I’m currently listening to a combination of the next door neighbours chooks clucking away and a news report about a Dorper lamb that thinks its mum is a Dalmatian dog as it was born with spots.

I spend too much time browsing the awkward family photograph book and then planning awkward family photos for get-togethers, both for the band and my family as there are many members in each, which makes for creative posing opportunities.

It might surprise people to learn that I have a Guinness World Record. Longest distance rollerbladed by four people in 24 hours. It was in the book.

In five years time Ben our banjoista will have educated most people he knows that India has a bill of right for cows. Good news for our cover model ‘farm girl‘. We will also have hopefully covered Mmmbop and played on a river boat in the Grand Canyon. It will be 2017 and we will all still be friends.

Fanny’s new single APRICOT SUNDAY went live this week and can be downloaded for free from triple j unearthed and streamed from SoundcloudThe band play at the following venues soon. 

Thursday 30th August – Hellen Rose Schausberger Laboratorium, Sydney, 8pm. Tickets via Moshtix.

Saturday 1st September – Pure Pop records, 221 Barkley St, St Kilda Vic, 4pm, Free

Sunday 2nd September – Workers Club, Fitzroy, Vic, 2pm, $10 on the door



Interview by Bobby Townsend