Youtube bans Voltaire Twins but we don’t

So, Perth indie synth poppers Voltaire Twins proudly and happily put their new clip online this week, only for those stuffy old badgers at Youtube to rip it down after less then 24 hours. Why? Well, it’s mildly nsfw I suppose, with nudey people having a bit of a kiss and a cuddle but, c’mon guys, in the words of Alan Partridge “it’s not hardcore super-sex.” Thankfully the cool cats at Vimeo saw the clip for what it was – a bit of loveliness. Check it out above. Here’s what the band have to say on the matter:

“We had been planning to make a video for Solaris, but we didn’t have the money to make it a costumed affair with big art direction and flashy sets… So Ben Young, who has directed our last few videos and is a close friend of ours, suggested this concept. No costumes, no set, just people being people in an honest, intimate way. We shot it in a borrowed studio, with a borrowed camera, with friends and fans from facebook who volunteered to act in it just for fun. I know it seems like getting your video banned is really good publicity, but when it happened we were genuinely a bit hurt that someone would take offence to this thing we’d put so much effort and love into. Also, YouTube is the most widespread medium for music videos, and it felt like we’d been denied an opportunity to share the video with everyone. We put it up on Vimeo instead and in the couple of days since it’s had about 5000 views and we’ve had so many messages from people who love the video and are outraged that YouTube would pull it. I think most people agree that there’s just nothing inappropriate or exploitative in it. It’s art, not sleaze – anyone with half a brain can see that. The people in the video are enjoying themselves in what we feel is a wholesome and beautiful fashion. Anyone who gets offended by topless girls or same-sex kissing is missing out on a lot. The joke’s on them, because there must be a lot of beautiful things they can’t enjoy in life.”

Well said, Voltaire Twins. Well said.