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Who, you may ask, are BOY? Well, apart from being pretty bloody hard to Google, they are also – confusingly enough – and band made up of two girls. Valeska Steiner sang in several bands in her native Switzerland before moving to Germany, where she met Sonja Glass, who grew up there, playing the cello in classical orchestras as a child, and later working as a bass player for several pop bands.

BOY sing smart, sharply-observed songs with inventive twists, adding subtle experimental touches to a conventional pop palette of guitar, piano drums and bass. Their debut album is called Mutual Friends and is an autobiographical affair. “It’s about arrivals and new beginnings, about hopes and dreams and aspirations. We want to make music that’s positive and hopeful,” explains Valeska, whose songs are written and sung in English..

“There is more to music than heartbreak and loss,” agrees Sonja.

BOY played most instruments on the record themselves. Only in some cases, such as drumming duties, a rotating roster of friends jumped in to play, among them Phoenix’s live drummer Thomas Hedlund.

Their irresistible debut single Little Numbers has had over five millions Youtube hits and, in our opinion, has a bit of the Regina Spektors about it. But, don’t take our word for it, check out the above clip and, if you like what you hear, then you can also score yourself a FREE download of the track, This Is The Beginning here: