Water review

When one of the UK’s most innovative new theatre companies, Filter, joined forces with David Farr, the director who brought us Metamorphosis in 2009, and Radiohead’s Live Performance Designer, Andi Watson, the result was Water; a vastly ambitious, visually and sonically arresting theatrical experience.

Set over the course of two generations, two continents and nearly three decades, the play seamlessly interweaves a handful of personal narratives to create a truly engaging story about life, death, love and climate change. The narrative revolves around a British government negotiator, who is battling to unite a G8 summit on a carbon emissions deal while her neglected boyfriend turns his attention to beating the world record for cave diving. Meanwhile, two estranged half-brothers reunite to commemorate their dead father but quickly become embroiled in a tug-of-war over his scientific legacy.

While the story neatly overlaps and segues, the most impressive thing about Water is the incredible and really inventive use of sound, which compliments the very clever utilisation of video to add to the atmosphere created by the three actors. A whole range of techniques, both vocal and instrumental, are engaged to create a show of cinematic scale which keeps an impressive pace and remains totally absorbing, entertaining and thought-provoking throughout its 90 minutes.

It’s currently playing at Sydney Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay and is only on until Saturday. So don’t miss out. More deets here. http://www.sydneytheatre.com.au/what’s-on/productions/2012/water.aspx 


Words by Bobby Townsend