Interview: Getting to Know Sara Grabek

Model and artist Sara Grabek talks to Something You Said about music, her inspirations and her big plans for the future:

I’d say I am a dreamer. And a bit of a hippy I guess.

Modelling is one of my biggest passions. I can’t imagine myself not doing it. When I’m in front a camera I get into the theme of the shoot just like actors get into a role for a film. It lets me explore myself as different characters. I always love to challenge myself, learn from every single photo shoot and never stop improving. And of course, it’s so much fun! The whole process of trying on different looks, getting my hair and make-up done… it’s really a girl thing! I also love how many new people you get to meet when you’re in this industry. Every shoot means a different team of creative people.

Aside from modelling I am an artist. I’ve always been into art, since I remember. My sister, mum and my nan are all very talented as well so it just seems like I don’t have a choice, ha ha. It’s very important to me. I take it very personally and spiritually. It’s a reflection of me and my subconscious. I love locking myself in my room, putting some of my favourite music on, which feeds my body with energy and inspiration and puts me in a deep zone, while my hand is in control of my pencils and brushes. It’s a euphoric state. My mind gets lost in a dimension of vibrant colours and shapes, and every time I finish a piece of art my awareness expands and I learn a little more about myself. My heart is filled with a sense of deep joy and achievement.

I’m inspired by Alex Grey. He is an incredible artist. He takes art into a completely new level, which will literally blow your mind. Also all musicians, models, and writers I look up to are a huge inspiration to me. I would really recommend reading some of Paulo Coelho’s and Eckhart Tolle’s books. They were what kicked off my search to find out who I really am and a journey to an expansion of my consciousness.

Music is another kind of art that plays a massive role in my life, it’s yet another passion of mine. I have just started a music production/DJ course at college and I’m ready to dive into an ocean of creativity and evolve as a musician.

Currently I am listening to Deep Medi. Ah, I love bass music! When I listen to good tunes on a good sound system, it creates a shift in my coherence and takes me into a different world and makes me feel so connected to the universe. Don’t be surprised if you find me in a club with a massive grin on my face – it just makes me so happy!

I spend too much time on the internet. When I was younger I got into the habit of constantly checking my facebook and now it’s a really hard and annoying habit to break!

It might surprise people to learn that I’m Polish. My eastern European accent has somehow vanished and most people I meet mistake me for being British. I’ve been living in the UK for just over 5 years, and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m very grateful for all the events that have brought me here and have given me the opportunity to meet everyone I now know and am close to.

In the future, I want to change the world! Yeah, I know it sounds silly but I think that you can never be more than you think, so I’ve learnt to dream great dreams that motivate me to take risks, and don’t fear the future. I know some people think I’m mad but from personal experiences I have learnt that if you want to live a joyful and meaningful life, the key is to be different. Maybe one day, I will start a revolution that will change lives of thousands of people and wake up the artist that lies within every one of us.

I also want to travel and do volunteer work in different corners of the world. South America is my prime destination – everything about that continent fascinates me. I want to visit the villages and speak to the natives about their daily life and take out as much wisdom as possible. Anyway, enough of the hippy talk. You now have a rough idea of how my mind works, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.