Olly goes side-of-stage with The Art

Something You Said’s Oliver Heath recently made the video for The Art’s new single. After which he joined them on their tour, where… well… he went a bit Kate Moss:

I’ve got a soft spot for bands that are shunned by the hip Sydney scene. The Art is one such example. I feel like their struggle mirrors my own. I’ve met music writers that dedicate whole anonymous blogs to how much they hate a band. It’s all such a waste of energy. For fuck’s sake, if you like a band go see them, hate on the radio for not playing music you like, hate the government, but I don’t see the point of hating on people doing the music they want to do. It’s bully shit. Anyway these guys have just been signed in the USA and are getting regular radio play overseas and I just did their music video so it’s wins all ’round! It’s like some bro that had low self-esteem due to fickle Sydney ladies, got on a plane to a faraway land and life’s suddenly turned into a deodorant commercial (not you honey/imaginary girlfriend, you’re wonderful, it’s those other girls you don’t like that I’m talking about x x).

I recently went with them on tour to shoot a behind the scenes video and figured I might as well grab some stills. I think these really capture what it’s like to be a guitar tech/Kate Moss standing side-of-stage. You’re sick of seeing bands from the front, yes? You get to do that all the time as a punter! Here’s the proper VIP back-of-the-head view.

Words and pictures by Oliver Heath.