The Harvest Parade

Brisbane’s upcoming Harvest Festival has asked a bunch of super awesome babes to create an arse-kicking, roving parade of beauty and colour to dazzle the festival fields… but they need your help. The gang’s manager/director,  Zackari Watt tells Something You Said more:

Signor Piggy Wigg’s crack space, golden vibes & good times activation squad – Harvest Parade 2012

It’s springtime in Australia – from a certain perspective that’s time to get mostly naked & get deep-level involved with the hearts/trousers/bladders of the masses. This beautiful world is crying out for some powerful rains of awesomeness & public pants pissing – it’s veritably athirst.

In response to what we believe we are intuiting here, we are midway thru building a three-wheeled dragster chariot with a life-size ride-able winged unicorn atop. We also have some bath tubs (that we previously converted into wheeled pirate ships) which we are now configuring with working showers & oceanic nymphs with sudsy loofahs to cool folks & cleanse away any residual urine that might be upon them. We also have a working three-barrel air-compressor hotpants cannon. It’s gonna get a little lick of paint.

Under the moniker of Signor Piggy Wigg Productions (for insurance purposes) there are around 45 of us of all manner of wonderful origins currently working on what one could imagine to be the most beautiful collection of glorious & cellularly titillating costumes ever assembled.

Of all of this mentioned above a roving parade incorporating a thrilling explosion of nubile spring beauties, oceanic deities, insectoid wonders bare-breasted harpees & intergalactic royalty will be formed. There will also feature a marching band wild & bold under the direction of Carlos of the Barons of Tang, a single be-stilted astronaut lamb & a sad lone wizard in an unaltered traditional wizard costume which is the punishment category for those who are into that type of thing.

We will be roadtripping & camping from Melbourne, thru Newcastle & on to Brisbane for a week in mid-November to summon the last of & deliver this magic to the Harvest Festival in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens on Sunday 18th November.

All that is created from within this project – both tangibly & intangibly – while most likely remaining essentially under our direction will further become the property of the entire human species, optimistically to be used again & again for all manner of meaningful purposes.

You can support this project at: Share us around, throw us some coin – do what you can.