Husky are gentlemen of the road

Melbourne’s Husky took some time out from their Euro tour to chat to Bobby Townsend about Brighton, Australia & being gents of the road:

Hello! How is your tour going?
It’s going well. Touring Europe is pretty amazing.

What have been the highlights, thus far?
Paris, London, Dublin, Brussels, Munich.

Are you feeling at all homesick though? What are you missing about Australia?
A little homesick. I miss my family and friends. My dog, Rocky. It’s my home, so there’s always a feeling that it’s calling me back, wherever I am. I look forward to spending some time there at the end of the year.

You recently played at my old local pub, The Hope, in Brighton. How was that, and did you like Brighton in general?
It was great. It’s a cool little pub and the people of Brighton were very kind to us. It’s a really sweet city, probably my favourite in England.

You’re playing at Gentlemen of the Road (A Camping Stopover) in Dungog in October. How did your involvement in this come about?
To be honest, I don’t know. But we got the call and we were very impressed by the line up so we were obviously keen to be involved.

The line-up is indeed great. Which other act are you most looking forward to seeing?
I’ve not yet seen Sarah Blasko live so I’m looking forward to her show.

Do you have anything special up your sleeves for Gentlemen of the Road?
We always make a point of having something special up our sleeves.

Intriguing. We’ll wait to see what you come up with then. Do you enjoy the challenge of winning new fans at a festival-style show such as this?
Yeah we do. There’s nothing like the feeling of a crowd starting out cold and then warming to you. Often at festivals people are there to enjoy the experience so they come to it with an open mind. I think that makes for a good show for everybody.

After Gentlemen of the Road, what else do you guys have coming up?
We head back to the USA for a month long tour. Then home for summer festivals and work will begin on our next album. We are also playing a show at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Sunday October 21 as part of our Tidal Wave tour.

How is album number two coming along?
It’s taking shape slowly. The song writing process is underway. We will start putting it to tape early next year.

Husky play at Gentlemen of the Road on 20th October. It’s all sold out but, I don’t know, maybe you can beg or steal* a ticket (*don’t steal a ticket). The band is also hitting The States soon. Check their tour dates here


Interview by Bobby Townsend