Melanie Pain, 7 ou 8 fois

The lead singer of Nouvelle Vague, Melanie Pain, is back with a second album of personal pop and electro-acoustic tunes called Bye Bye Manchester. Alternating between French and English, Melanie sings about universal themes of running away (Ailleurs, ca grandit), her desire for a fresh start (Bye Bye Manchester, Je Laisse Tomber) and the fear of failing (7 ou 8 Fois).

Two years after the release of her acclaimed debut solo album, My Name, Melanie set out on a musical pilgrimage to Manchester. Armed only with a small Casio synth yellowed from age (a PT–30 which her father gave her when she was six), an auto-harp and a ukulele, she drew on the enduring pop legacy of the UK city to write a collection of original songs. One of which you can see in the above clip.

Melanie is out and about on tour in Europe and Australia, check out her dates on Facebook.