Winter People – A Year At Sea

Listening to Winter People’s debut album, A Year At Sea, is like packing up your life and taking off for a journey into the wilderness. It’s on this journey, that you discover beauty, intrigue, terror and things you never knew existed. You climb mountains, you descend into deep valleys and you encounter weird and wonderful things. Like following Alice down the rabbit hole. Emerging out the other side you just want to go right in again.

The album is teeming with a multitude of musical styles, from folk to pop to classical. It’s no wonder, as they count everyone from Bob Dylan to Radiohead to Mozart as inspiration, making them hard to pigeonhole. The brilliance of the album is in its ever-changing form – slow to fast, light to dark.

The music is created by the six piece-strong band with five vocalists and two violinists. This results in some stunningly melodic sounds you want to play again and again. The band is led by Dylan Baskind, whose emotion in each song is passionately on display; he beckons you to enter the unknown and you follow, in complete awe.

Their debut album is boundary-pushing, mould-breaking and timeless; brimming with eclectic goodness.

Review by Kate Holcombe. The band plays at Peat’s Ridge Festival this New Year’s Eve. Tickets here. In the meantime, check out a cool live video of Winter People’s track Gallons: