Win a T-shirt signed by The Veronicas

When we fancy a soft drink, to be honest we just pick whatever is on special offer at our local shop. Money, as the song says, is too tight to mention. One such bargain the other day was a thing called Pepsi Next, so we gave it a go and wondered what it was all about. Next what? Just tastes like Pepsi. Well, it turns out that is exactly the idea. Apparently it has a bunch less sugar though. So there you go. The point of all this? Oh yeah, well there is currently a Pepsi Next Stage Bus travelling throughout Australia offering fans the chance to hear their favourite artists and DJs. For further details or to follow the tour head over to or

The first act to appear on the Pepsi Next Stage Bus – a custom built vehicle equipped with a pop-up stage on the roof – was Aussie band The Veronicas. After performing a surprise gig in Melbourne which included tracks from their new album Life On Mars, they told us, “We’re big fans of impromptu events for fans; that element of surprise is always so exciting. For us, getting to reconnect with our fans and get more up close and personal makes it so much fun.”

Anyhoo, to celebrate the bus’ journey around Australia, WE’RE GIVING AWAY A PEPSI NEXT T-SHIRT PERSONALLY SIGNED BY THE VERONICAS. Entering our giveaway is easy. Simply complete the two following steps:

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