Joe Robinson is a good guitarist

The blurb on Joe Robinson’s Facebook page says that he “plays guitar like Ali boxed.” This doesn’t mean that he beats you repeatedly around the face with his guitar while wearing only a pair of shorts. That would be weird. Maybe it just means that the youngster from the little-known backwater of Temagog, New South Wales, plays the guitar really fucking well. This is certainly true. So true, in fact, that the former Australia’s Got Talent winner earned a spot on the ‘Top 50 Best Guitarists’ in Australian Guitar magazine and has relocated to Nashville. They know a thing or two about guitars in Nashville.

He’s back in Australia tonight (Saturday 27 Oct) to play at The Vanguard in Newtown. If you’re in the hood and don’t get jealous at the fact that someone is wayyyy more talented than you, then it’s sure to be an incredibly impressive show Details here.