Interview: Getting To Know Noni Cragg

Artist Noni Cragg tells where she gets her inspiration from, what’s currently on her stereo and which television show she can quote, word for word:

I am Noni. A female Sydney based Australian painter. Inner West Represent.

Art is very difficult to define! However I believe it is pretty much anything you want it to be and is different for everyone. Art is also something that is very hard to create a career/living from. Regardless, I think I’ll paint til I die because of the pure enjoyment and satisfaction I receive from doing it.

Aside from being an artist, I enjoy skating, surfing and craft-a-noon sessions. I also do a lil bit of Zoolander on the side through Six Wolves. Magnum. I’m keen to travel a lot more in the new year, in particular to The States and London to see friends and gather a whole new catalogue of faces to paint.

I’m inspired by the support of my friends, family and my man squeeze. But what inspires me to get painting and start new works are faces. When I am presented with an interesting face I’ll tend to want to paint that person. My favorite human to paint is my best dude mang, Cam (pictured, above). In a way, I suppose he is my muse as I’ve painted him so many times over the last five years. And good vibes are always inspiring, when you have good eggs around you, creativity flows easily.

I’m currently listening to any advice I can get from people I respect and admire as well as any good tunes to paint to. Currently I’ve been digging The Bonniwells, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and La Mancha Negra amongst the staples of The Doors, Neil Young, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Black Lips, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Sabbath and a super guilty pleasure Lana Del Rey.

I spend too much time obsessing. Over silly shit. But who doesn’t have at least one stupid thing they invest too much energy and thought into? Amirite?

It might surprise people to learn that I can quote almost entire episodes of The Simpsons from season 1 to 12. And FYI Bart is the best. The Simpsons reminds me of carefree days, plonking down at 6pm on a weeknight with my brother to giggle our asses off over dinner. Mum had that routine dialed so we would eat all our food and stop being cray for half an hour.

I’d like to make my living from all the things I love doing so I never feel like I’m working. The dream aye?

Interview by Bobby Townsend. You can see more of Noni’s outstanding artwork here