Designer Mor Elian is a free spirit

Something You Said has a chat with LA based jewellery designer Mor Elian about her style, her DJing and the films that she could watch over and over:

Free Spirits run wild, as the saying goes, and LA based jewellery designer Mor Elian proves this theory with her nomadic inspired and geometric shaped jewellery line MYRRH. The pieces are old and new, otherworldly and earthly at the same time.

Inspired by a childhood coloured with all matters of art and design, from interior to fashion, one can see this impacting the style of her work. And with celeb fans such as Isabel Lucas, it’s not hard to see why. We ask Mor some questions about what other factors, be they environmental or creative, drive her artistically:

There’s a very strong sense of atmosphere in your work. As in all matter of earthly shapes and forms. Is this a conscious outcome?
I am really connected to sacred geometry and the expression of geometric shapes in nature. Beyond it being the aesthetic that I am most drawn too, I find the connection of geometric pattern in nature fascinating. Like fractals and like cymatics (the appearance of perfect geometric patterns in water when you lay sound frequencies under it). That is really what appears to me as living proof that we are all connected.

What different forms of art inspire your work? Literature, film, art, fashion.
Well, music probably moves me more than anything; I have been obsessed with it from a really young age. It inspires everything that I do. So a few years ago I started DJing. It was conflicting if music or design was my path, but I realized they can live harmoniously together and feed off each other.

Would you consider branching out into various forms of design with MYRRH? I think your designs would look fabulous incorporated into clothing or furniture as well!
Right now between DJing and my jewellery I am quite content, but I love blurring the lines between everything- it is kind of what I am about- we don’t need to commit to one source of expression- we can cross over to all kinds of different areas in whatever inspires us in the moment- I feel like society is moving in that direction. I would always like to be free and limitless and try out new things and areas of design.

Are you finding a certain kind of person is attracted to your work in particular?
I see all kinds of people from different walks of life buying MYRRH jewelry, but MYRRH always represented to me the urban woman that is very city oriented but is very connected to the nomadic lifestyle and to the Californian west coast culture. I think I drew that inspiration from the lifestyle of my girlfriends and the women around me – super strong, creative and independent woman that will throw a couple of things in the back of their car and drive out to the desert on a whim. We live for that.

And lastly, what are your three favourite films and why?
A ha! The big question. I always find this question to be tricky. There are so many movies I like but when I get asked this question I get nervous! Ha.
I will definitely have to say the three movies that stuck with me through the years are Breathless by Godard for all the little nuances that say so much more that is actually said.
The hilarious and witty Jim Jarmusch’s A Night on Earth.
And of course Vincent Gallo’s brilliant Buffalo ‘66 for the forever “Spanning time” 🙂


Interview by Golden Lady. Keep your eye out for Mor’s beautiful jewellery at selected boutiques, or online at the MYRRH website HERE.