My love/hate addiction to fashion blogging

Get ready to pull your best duck face, take a bedroom selfie in your new fave outfit, put it on your blog and then beg for people to like your post, as Something You Said’s resident fashion expert, Liana Gow-Killingbeck (pictured here in ironic ‘duck face pout douche peace man’ pose), talks us through her addiction to – and love/hate relationship with – the world of fashion blogging:

I sort of stumbled into the world of fashion blogging by accident in a free period at high school one day. I was randomly browsing through the Vogue forums (it was one of the only damn websites that wasn’t blocked on the school computers. Trust me, I’d rather have been Facebooking, watching porn, gaming or whatever) when innocently enough, I came across a link to a girl’s personal fashion blogspot. It wasn’t anything particularly spesh. She wasn’t some anorexic rich bitch with a ‘drobe chockers full of Chanel. Nor was she a super creative photographer or hipstery socialite.

She seemed like a typical chick, just like me. So I thought to myself, “Why the heck don’t I do this?”

Then bada-bing-bada-boom, I was hooked, and soon after, I created my own blogspot dubbed, ‘Oh Dear It’s Liana‘ (lame name yes, but I thought “Bat Shit Crazy” would most likely send the wrong message).

Suddenly, a whole new world opened up to me and slowly I fell further into the shiny, seductive swirling vortex of shallowness. What ze heck had I gotten myself into? A world so dang vain, so materialistic, somewhat clone-like and sprinkled with fakeness… but also a world so fast-paced, so inventive, so creative and oh-so beautiful. Thus, my addiction to fashion blogging began!

After three and a half years of fashion blogging I can definitely say I am in the love/hate stage of the relationship. I’m at the point where I see something SO DAMN beautiful, it makes my heart melt, my eyes sparkle and my brain “ahhhhh” with delight, then next minute I’ll see another thing that makes me get SO DAMN irritated I cringe harder than Mr DeMartino on a good day. SO. I have made a little list of a few things which press my buttons and piss me off about the world of fashion blogging!

Firstly though, I thought I’d explain to those who are unaware, the several sub-genres which fall under the fashion blog banner. These include:
Outfit post blogs – some ultra fashionable and some… not so fashionable (to put it nicely), however all generally conceited fashion-based blogs, where peeps upload photo upon photo of themselves, their personal style and daily attire.
Photography blogs – filled with visually appealing editorial content from various worldwide ‘zines, websites, photographers, lookbooks etc OR their own fashion photographs.
Street style blogs – display simple snaps which encapsulate the personal style of everyday citizens and/or high end fashion personalities
Scenester/Socialite PR blogs – primarily trendy fashion event after trendy fashion event which the blogger has attended and all the wankerish stuff associated with said event.
Real quirky, weirdo type fashion blogs – basically crazy art, fashion, and musical-driven content and all-round bizarre crap
The mixed bags – pretty much all of the above.

Personally, I don’t favour a certain sub genre, I’ll read them all. To be truthful though, the mixed bags do seem to capture my attention more than the ever-so abundant predominately outfit post (and ego-feeding) blogs.
Hem hem, back to the list!

1. Self promotional/fake comment leavers – I HATE those dang annoying comments left after each of my posts which utter: “OMG you are SO pretty! I like, totally LOVE your blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin?” These are the bloggers obsessed with only one thing: the number of followers they obtain. They don’t really give a shit about your posts, your ideas or even what you stand for, they just want you to click that dang ‘Follow’ button so they can feel self gratified. BLAH. Gets me ragin.

2. Uninventive bedroom selfies as outfit posts – NOTE: To all you bloggers who take photos of themselves in your poorly lit bedrooms and/or bathrooms, I shake my head at you and sigh! It reaaaally doesn’t do anything for the outfit, nor to the overall aesthetic of your blog to do this, and it shows a lack of creative ideas. I mean, blogging big-guns like the Fellts, Fashion Toast, and 4th and Bleeker, rose to popularity due to their more artistic or intelligent ways of going about their outfit posts, not because they stood awkwardly in front of a mirror pulling a major duck face (actually I take that back, as babein as she is, Alexandra Spencer has pulled many-a duck face in her time). Yes, those successful bloggers were hot as fuck to begin with and, yes, they had all those designer threads practically gift wrapped and handed to them… but they at least put a solid amount of effort into their creative direction!

3. Plague of the viral editorial and/or collection – Now there are some editorials and collections that just nail it. Do everything right. Have the hippest models, the most popular photographer, the coolest stylist and the trendiest garments. Yeah, they are awesome. Until you see it on every fucking blog for the next six months. For example, Wildfox. Now, I personally love Wildfox. They do some seriously cute shit, and their campaigns are so much fun! BUT I HATE SEEING IT ON EVERY BLOG I CLICK ON. Bloggers, get a clue! If you’ve seen it more than twice, don’t post it! Save it to your Pinterest and post something different. I guarantee, you’ll get more comments if you post something readers haven’t seen as much!!

4. Fashion fades, style is eternal – We all follow trends to some extent. There is nothing wrong with that. It keeps things fresh and fun and hell, it makes money for thousands of businesses globally. Yet, it is important to maintain a sense of style and individuality when dressing. Falling into the trap of following every trend is tedious. It ain’t good for the soul! Example? The sportswear trend happening at the moment. I find it so bizarre that so many shiny, prissy girls who have hardly dressed masculine a day in their life, decide it’s suddenly awesome to run around in sweats, caps and trainers or worse, those bloody sneaker heel things. COME ON. I don’t believe half of them for a second! For the girls swimming in the quirkier, surfier, androgynous side of the style pool, I totally understand why they’d dabble in that trend, but as for the rest, tsk tsk. Be true to yourself man, be true.

5. Stars and stripes – This is one of my absolute pet hates! It’s when girls who are not American wear garments picturing the US flag, be it a shirt, shorts, sequined bustier or those (admittedly awesome) American flag Converse. Okay, I like the flag, it is one attractive combo. Red white and blue, stars and stripes? Sounds hectic, but looks sweet as. Yet do I wear it? Hecccck no! I mean I have a crush on Obama just as much as the next average Aussie girl (we all secretly wish he was our PM because let’s face it, he dayum fine) but I find it so bizarre to parade around town in another country’s flag! Sheeeeesh.
(Sidenote: fancy dress costumes are excluded from this statement)

6. Tumblr – Pretty much everything about Tumblr aggravates me. I have one, but I hate it. My blogging pal Lauren has something similar to say here, and she’s spot on. Seriously! There is more to blogging than Lana del Ray, creeper flatforms and drawn-on eyebrows.

I could continue by rambling some more nonsense on this topic, however, I should probably go do something more worthwhile, like practice my double dream hands. Therefore, I shall cease this pointless rant, thank you for letting me get it off my chest and bid you adieu!

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Words by Liana Gow-Killingbeck