The Secret Garden Party gets superstitious

We went to The Secret Garden Party in the UK this year and had a brill time, so we can’t wait to get ourselves back there in 2013. It’s not like your average festival. They don’t just lazily plonk a stage at the end of a field and get Muse to come and play the hits. No, The Secret Garden party is an event which bursts with ideas and creativity. There is no sponsorship and the line-up is an eclectic mix of music of all genres and all manner of workshops and activities. Set in a 10 acre landscaped garden, bordering a river and lake, the magic will happen between Thursday 25th and Sunday 28th July 2013 at Mill Hill Field, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

The party’s Art & Expression Theme for 2013 is ‘SUPERSTITION’. The Secret Garden will be asking all Gardeners to explore their affinity to the supernatural, the inexplicable and the irrational… to indulge the tussle between the left brain’s sober analysis and the right’s need to conjure its own reality. Leave reason at the Garden gates, search for the four-leaf clover along the path and see where lady luck takes you. Will you be saluting magpies or courting black cats, touching wood or spilling salt, crossing your fingers or breaking mirrors?

Also, Grant Applications are now open for artists who wish to submit their creative proposals to the Secret Garden Party 2013. Whether it is running an action camp, helping on the bars, curating a parade, rowing an art boat, building a tree house, devising a fire show, hosting a workshop, driving an art car or producing an art installation… it is participation which allows the party to rejuvenate and regenerate year on year.

For more information on participation or for an application form please visit the website. To buy tickets for the party of the summer, head here.