Lazy Habits’ album is original and infectious

As a lifelong Hip Hop fan I have seen it evolve over the years, as acts have had to keep things fresh and interesting for fans. In this day and age where people expect so much from a live show and tickets are expensive, it is arguable whether simply an MC or two plus a DJ is enough. Some acts such as Jehst have taken this on board and performed shows with a full live backing band and others seem to be following suit.

Now enter Lazy Habits, an eight-piece London Hip Hop Collective and their self-titled debut album. The band describe their sound as “Beats, Rhymes and Brass of the highest caliber” and take their influences from New Orleans jazz, soul and big bands of the 50’s and combine them with hard hitting beats and slick lyrics.

Opener Processional is a classic New Orleans Brass Band parade track reminiscent of the opening scene of Bond flick Live and Let Die. The album quickly moves onto Ashes, a bouncy jazzy beat with quick flowing rhymes from MC Lazy. Surface Dirt starts off innocently enough with a children’s lullaby beat, breaking into brass stabs and scratching for the chorus, and a frenetic drum workout to finish. MC Lazy is joined by Babysol on Memory Banks, which breaks the record up nicely and adds a further dimension to this already interesting sonic collage.

The album is well produced and the fact that the beats are played by live musicians as opposed to samples gives it an original and very infectious feel. It is reminiscent of Herbaliser and I for one am looking forward to checking these guys out live in the future.


Review by 25ThC