Caomhe holds wisdom above her years

Every so often, I chance upon an artist who blows me away within seconds of hearing their music. I’m quite fussy and unless you’re John Lennon, resurrected, I’m a hard nut to crack. However, the moment Caomhe (pronounced Keeva) opened her mouth, I was stunned.

I saw Caomhe at Breakout, an event held at Proud2 in Camden. The venue is converted stables each created into a room for different artists in which to perform. It’d be an understatement to say she had the entire room transfixed and during the 20 minutes or so that Caohme performed, everyone was speechless; drinks were put to one side, phones disappeared back into the pockets of the crowd and people sat on the floor fighting the cramp creeping into their left leg, unable to move in fear of missing the beauty that seemed to fly out of her mouth with such ease. I looked at my friend, looked at the strangers sitting next me and back at Caohme; this girl had us all in the palm of her hand, and while she sat there playing her guitar, she was oblivious to exactly how much her music had mesmerized us. Of course I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but the whooping and rounds of applause which followed her set spoke for us all.

The more I listen to Caomhe, the more I realise how lucky I am that I get to discover these amazing artists full of talent, passion for their art and determination. Think of Taylor Swift… but 100 times better. Think of Nashville. Think of Johnny Cash and June Carter rolled into one. Think of a girl who holds wisdom way above her years and who encapsulates this in every single one of her lyrics. My favourite song of hers is probably Streetlights, but I can’t tell you why as it’s impossible to sum up those three-minutes-and-13-seconds in a few words. It hit a nerve the moment I heard Caohme play it live and every time I press play on her Soundcloud, I’m taken back to that moment.

I’d really recommend checking her out as she’s going to be a huge name within the music industry, I’m certain of it.


Words by Victoria Gottschalk.