New Brutalists first listen

New Brutalists are one of most exciting bands we’ve seen in a while. The Sydney duo, made up of Claire Price and Sean Francis, have just launched their new single. They were kind enough to give us – and therefore you – the first listen. Claire tells us a bit about the song:

Recently I read a magazine article about so-called ‘firebugs’ and the strange new ‘firestarting’ phenomena that suggested pyromaniacs – so obsessed with flames – would watch films and listen to songs about fire too. And I thought this was rather specific, and difficult, because how many possible songs could there be about fire?

And then I thought of Bruce Springsteen brooding at the wheel of his car, and The Doors, and The Bangles’ Eternal Flame, which I am often partial to singing at karaoke. And then of course we had written a song about fire. Fire Song. It was in fact one of only two songs we had recorded. And I had forgotten this for a moment, and laughed out loud.

I suppose it would be mark of success then, as a musician, to imagine your work in the company of these great songs – being on a karaoke play list, not an arsonist’s. (New Brutalists confess that, while not diminishing the seriousness of this kind of crime, we would still find that oddly flattering too.)

Words by Claire Price. 

Fire Song is the second track taken from New Brutalists’ first release No Means Yes/Fire Song double A-side. To keep up to date with everything New Brutalists have got going on, follow them on Facebook.