Vogue Australia Xmas Online Shopping Night

Who likes shopping online? We all do! Who likes discounts on lovely fancy clothes? Yup, all of us again! Well, I have good news for all you homebody fashionistas out there. The Vogue Australia Christmas Online Shopping Night (phwoa, what a mouthful) is on today and and you’ve been good all year so you should probably treat yourself to a teeny weeny itty bitty Zimmerman bikini (who are offering a gift voucher worth 15% off your purchase), or, for the fellas, a smart Jack London button-up to make your ladyfriend coo with delight when you take her out (they’re generously offering 20% off stock online).

Other retailers offering exciting deals today online are Gorman with their yummy prints and nice shoes, Rachael Ruddick’s lush bags and accessories, head to Friend of Mine for beach wear with “glamma”, American Apparel’s gaudy basics as well as many more retailers taking part in the event. It all kicks off from midday today (November 26). That’s pretty much now, people.┬áso get clicking!

Words by Carol Bowditch