Hot Chip Don’t Deny Your Heart

Well, this is pretty much OUR FAVE MUSIC VIDEO CLIP EVER! In all the hours we have spent playing Pro Evolution Soccer, or watching the real thing on the telly or on the terraces, never has anything this awesome happened. If real-life football matches played out like this, you wouldn’t hear us complaining. Rooney snogging Giggsy? Lineker pashing Shearer? It would make Match of the Day a bit less boring and would bring a totally new meaning to Man City, that’s for sure. Get stuck in lads, you’re bound to score, etc etc.

Apparently, the clip was directed by by Peter Serafinowicz. Him out of Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced, Look Around You and, yes, The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

Don’t Deny Your Heart is the latest single to be released from Hot Chip’s much acclaimed In Our Heads album. The track is available digitally and on 12″. The 12″ features a remix of the track from Justus Köhncke b/w a JD Twitch Optimo remix of Flutes.