San Cisco’s album will lift your mood

Carol Bowditch puts her arms round a hot boy and sways at her school formal to the debut album from Perth’s San Cisco:

After the release of their awesome songs Awkward and Rocket Ship from the EP Golden Revolver that won top spots in many end of year lists, San Cisco are back with more than just a teaser of their indie pop music. Their self-titled full release features a clean drum machine backing with gangly surf melodies and that lovely back and forth musical dialogue between lead singer Jordi Davieson with the complimentary female pipes of Scarlett Stevens that we were treated to on the band’s first release.

The opener is a gentle, slow ballad which isn’t really my ideal choice for a first track but it displays that the band aren’t simply a one trick pony that churns out high tempo indie. Rather they are able to create songs that would be appropriate to sway with your arms around your sweetheart at your school formal. Wild Things is a favourite off the album, I’m not sure if they are trying to coattail on the success of the film of the same name, but who cares? The chorus line is so catchy and whirls around in my head hours after playing it, “try to stay away from where the wild things play, ah ya ya ya”.  Good advice there San Cisco. I like No Friends too; it’s about having a shit friend who always bitches and moans. It’s a well put together, fast tempo, punchy little track.

This is a sweet record, and with all tracks over in less than 3-and-a-half minutes, it’s an easy way to lift your mood with the lovely morsels of enjoyable indie music. The clean production and Davieson’s leading vocals are what make the record so excellent.

Oh, and if you were wondering why San Cicso left the two summer favourites of last year off the album and your currently doing a face slap while saying “San Cisco, what were you thinking!?” well, they have added both Awkward and Rocket Ship onto the deluxe version of their record. Phew.

Words by Carol Bowditch