The Deep and Dynamic Nadia Nair

To save ourselves from drowning in emails, we’ve gone and got an intern. One of her tasks will be to tell you about some of the good stuff that lands in our inbox, you know, the bits and bobs that you might not otherwise discover, such as this little number. So, welcome to the team, Bianca. Now get the kettle on and sweep that floor:

Who doesn’t love alliteration and Swedish songstresses? No one, that’s who. Which is why Nadia Nair is getting major hype out of Gothenburg for her tune Bon Voyage. Not to mention her combination of powerful solo elements like tribal drum solos, choral backing vox and cranking guitars. And that voice? That deep and dynamic voice? All too good.

This climatic tune, made in collaboration with Victor Rådström is the first to be released off her upcoming EP due out in 2013. So, have a listen to the below track and, if you like what hits your ears then be sure to hit up her Facebook.

Words by Bianca Cornale. Photo by Teitur Ardal.