DLRN’s Hip Hop Awakening

If you like your lyrics soulful, your beats with a 90’s Hip Hop edge and your gazes pensive then the Sacramento trio DLRN have got the thing for you. Their newest music video for House of Matches off the EP Awakenings combine all that and more, featuring heavily newest group member and vocalist Iman Malika.

The group make atmospheric tracks with a unique blend of fuzzed-up synth, hip-hop beats and harrowing melodies. With a video that was directed by Sami Abdou, House of Matches is a gritty, melancholic endeavour. It lacks the gloss and glamour of your average hip-hop clip – as DLRN is not your average hip-hop cohort, instead it runs with realism, edge and pain. This video from the 8-track EP gets our thumbs up and our heads bobbing appreciatively.

Awakenings can be devoured on DLRN’s bandcamp.

Words By Bianca Cornale