Summer Aviation Take You On A Trip

summer aviation
It’s a rare phenomenon when a band and their music are so perfectly in synch that you wonder what came first. A chicken and egg situation, if you will. For Seattle’s Summer Aviation their tune Love So Fine is exactly what should come from a band called Summer Aviation. And once you’ve heard it all you can think of is, well, Summer Aviation.

It’s sunlight through the cabin window as a 60’s airhostess hands you a drink with a paper umbrella in it. With lyrics that sound like melodic wedding vows; also something naturally occurring from this husband/wife musical duo. And though they play with early 60’s kitsch there’s still a modern polish to this tune, with a faint hint of The Bird and The Bee and early Chairlift.

Love So Fine is short and very sweet, with an album of these finger-clicking beauties to follow in February. From the place you’d rather be comes Summer Aviation.

Words by Bianca Cornale.