A heads-up on some headphones


Our editor gets excited about what is going into his ears:

First up, and before you get all cynical on me, I wanna point out that I’m not being sponsored or paid for this endorsement. Rather, just like this site does with albums and films and books and clothes etc, I thought I’d point you in the direction of some headphones in which you might be interested. Cos, I assume that you are on this site because you have at least a passing interest in listening to music and also because, you know, I’m nice like that.

Of late, I’ve been dealing with the people at Logitech UE as they look to increase their profile the the music world. I’ve been very impressed with them. They’ve put on a bunch of free gigs and stuff to promote their products, supporting local talent along the way. They seem to genuinely love music and I fully believe that they really care about the quality of sounds that go into your ears.

My headphones died the other day so I thought I’d give a pair of Logitech UE ones a bash. I opted for the 900 Noise-Isolating ones. I’m not going to get all technical on you because no-one wants to hear about quad-armature design, low-end, mid-range, 26 dBs of noise isolation, etc. All I will say is that, by jingo, they are the absolute bombshit. Music sounds crisp and clear through them and if this is the benchmark for the rest of their products, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the brand.

These headphones, as well as looking snazzy (do people still use that word?) also have one of those mic/volume controls in the cables, meaning that you can talk on your phone handsfree or just pretend to in order to avoid those clipboard waving charity people in shopping precincts. Not that I do that. No, not at all.

Words by Bobby Townsend. You can find out more about the headphones in question here.