Beached As Sunday Sessions in Bondi

beached as

It was a sunny ol’ morning on Sunday in Sydney, so a few of us decided to head to the beach. As is always the case, by the time we managed to get all of our shit together and made our way to Bondi, the sun was nowhere to be seen, Instead it was cloud city. So we hopped along to the Beach Road Hotel for a spot of lunch instead. We were chuffed to discover Beached As Sunday Sessions – a brand new cider-based menu from the brain of Grant King, who is the man behind Gastro Park.

The meals are prepared with New Zealand brewed Roshdale Cider and the menu features yummy eats like The Cider Slider, a sliced pork mini burger with perfectly crispy cracking and a apple celleriac slaw which is sooo moreish. A lighter option is The Crab Claw: gently battered crab claw meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf with other tasty morsels inclosed, which was consumed in two greedy mouthfuls. Veggies can opt for the tofu version instead. For those with a sweet tooth, the apple cider ice-cream with candied fruit and popping candy (yes, it’s a mouth party indeed), is the perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings and to accompany a cool Roshdale cider on a balmy Sunday afternoon.

The special runs every Sunday in December and January at The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, and $12.50 will get you one food/desert item and a cider. Yum.