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We’re big fans of Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat, so as soon as we heard they were teaming one of our fave models, Ashley Smith (above), with our fave photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth, we were totally sold on Galore. What’s Galore? Well, after leaving Lovecat Magazine, the New York based DJ duo and night life fixtures, Prince and Jacob, have launched a creative services agency and media company, Galore.

Their first products are Galore Mag, a limited edition magazine published quarterly, and, a daily site that celebrates models and the downtown lifestyle. The magazine will be presented in a large, visually driven format, with a mix of fashion models, artists, rock stars and starlets, shot by top and up-coming fashion photographers. We excitedly had a chat with Prince and Jacob about Galore:

Hello again guys. So, tell us, what is the Galore ethos?
Galore is a media company celebrating beauty, femininity and sex appeal in an unconventional form. Deeply rooted in the downtown fashion world, and with a global sensibility, Galore offers an inside glimpse into the lives of the girl everyone aspires to be and the ones that every man fantasizes about.

Your first issue features the epic partnership of Ellen Von Unwerth and Ashley Smith. Two of our absolute favourites! What else can people see in Issue 1?
Yes, we love Ashley and Ellen! This issue was based on Pulp and Grindhouse cinema so we have a very cool interview with Bunny Yeager who is the Ellen Von Unwerth of the 1950s and who shot a ton of Bettie Paige iconic shots. Also bombshell Kelly Brook (pictured below), Adriana Lima by Richard Philllips and this amazing calendar for 2013: The Galore Bombshells by us!

kelly brook

Yum! And what else have you got in store for us in the future?
We plan on doing a lot for 2013 so stay tuned.

Who would it be your dream to feature in the magazine?
We really love to work Rhianna she is bad ass sexy and cool!

In this day-and-age of the internet, how hard is it to start up a printed magazine and to maintain it?
It’s a lot of hard work. This is our 2nd magazine venture. It’s easy to start a magazine but it’s just very hard to maintain something relevant. With blogs and fashion websites, all news is out before you even print, so it makes the fashion magazine useless for news and more just about good photos and that printed matter we all need in our hands.

ellen and ashleyYou were the guys behind Lovecat. Does that no longer exist now that Galore is here?
We are no longer working on Lovecat and wanted to move on to create a media company that is more than just a fanzine. It does still exist somewhere out there 🙂

You recently had a launch party for Galore in NYC. How was it? Did shit get wild?
Let’s just say it was full of naked horse men, Ashley Smith and pony balloons!

Now that’s a party. Can people get hold of Galore outside of The States at the moment?
We are in Colete in Paris and some other European retailers come early January. We will definitely be doing something in other markets soon.

Finally, tell us a little bit about the guys behind Galore
We are just two guys who love print, bombshells and rock n roll.

If you’re in The US, then grab Issue 1 of Galore from the newstands. If you’re not, then you can content yourself with the Galore website until the magazine appears in your neck of the woods. You should also follow Galore on Facebook.


bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.