Fun Machine Makes Gold

It takes a lot of complex factors to make gold. Scientifically speaking, it takes a supernova exploding and a whole lot of waiting around. Canberra band, Fun Machine, differs in opinion, claiming in their track Alchemist that all it takes is a little pressure. Whichever is the case, the new video for this cute tune definitely has all the qualities.

Director Heremaia Rudkin makes gold with some charmingly bad graphics, hints at 80’s film classic Weird Science and what looks like Christopher Lloyd in his Back To The Future days. Combine this with a surprising close to the clip and you’ve got a real winner. The track itself moves from pretty vocals and pizzicato to a darker, fuller sound around the one minute mark.

Having played shows with golden boys (and girls) Architecture in Helsinki, Boy & Bear and Gotye, the trio are due to release their album in 2013. This is a global recording process wherein each band member was working concurrently on separate continents. And we sure are glad that we can be expecting more sparkly stuff like this out of Fun Machine.

Words by Bianca Cornale