She’s So Rad recommend some NZ acts

shes so rad-001

NZ duo, She’s So Rad, have sent their new song, Confetti, into the world. It’s the first single from their yet to be titled second album. Having supported Ladyhawke on her UK album tour this year, She’s So Rad will be dropping their new LP in 2013. We thought we’d get the lowdown from them on other such underrated New Zealand acts. Here’s their top five:

Simon Comber
On every one of Simon’s records there is a song that knocks you sideways. He has lyrics that can stir and pull out emotions you may not even have thought you had. If you want to hear a songwriter steeped in tradition and writing for the sheer art of the song then Simon is a great artist to discover. Great songs to start with are ‘Early Spring Rain’ of his album ‘Pre-Love Pill’ or ‘Please Elvis’ off ‘Endearance’.

One of my favourite bands from the 90’s. Their songs ‘splat’ and ‘x’ had me in awe when they came out and still today they leave me with the same feeling I get when listening to My Bloody Valentine or Ride, maybe because they came out at similar times. Their guitarist Alister Parker made me want to get a Rickenbacker guitar and play really loud open chords.

Die! Die! Die!
I bought their album ‘Form’ on Vinyl, CD and digital. It is an incredibly heavy, unrelenting record that always moves me. Not many bands can convey passion in such a wide scope from love to anger with the conviction of Die! Die! Die!.

James Duncan
James makes some of the coolest music I’ve heard. He comes at the songwriting process sideways, is very modern with his techniques and seems to end up with weird and wonderful results. His last album ‘Vanishing’ seems to have slipped under the radar but it shouldn’t have, it’s a monster.

The Tokey Tones
The Tokey Tones album ‘Butterfly’ is one of Anji’s favourite albums. The approach to the production on the record and the delivery makes this a very original sounding record. The room next to our studio space has all sorts of crazy old keyboards, synthesizers, guitars and percussion in it, turns out many of these are Scott Mannion’s (one part of The Tokey Tones).

Once you’ve had a listen to all of She’s So Rad’s recommendations, don’t forget to give them a spin too! Stream the single Confetti below and then follow them on Facebook.