Twincest’s spankable goth army

Hailing from Sydney city is a brand spankable new genre bending duo with a bit of a difference. Twincest is the brainchild of dopplegangers Hayley Foster & Laura Noir, and their ace first single, Saint, showcases their own unique ghetto-goth sound. Twincest mix dirty bass, tribal beats and mind-melting vocals to create a curious kind of pop/punk/jungle/hip-hop.

The new release video for Saint is co-directed by Julian Emery and the Twincest ladies. Featuring a brigade of black-haired babes writhing rhythmically like feral Bond girls, the video is perfectly executed to represent this fresh duo’s point of view. And if their first clip is anything to go by, they’re set to dominate the masses as thoroughly as they dominate the thrashing goth armies of Saint.

Just watch it – understand.

bianca cornale


Words by Bianca Cornale.