The year’s most plain bonkers movie

Neil Martin has a look at John Dies at The End. It takes him on quite the ride:

This has got cult classic written all over it. Cult horror movie director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep) adapting David Wong’s cult hit comedy horror novel, John Dies At The End. I shall be trying to include the word ‘cult’ as many times as possible in this review so bear with me. So what makes a great cult movie? Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients in John Dies At The End:

– A mysterious living drug that causes users to travel across time and dimensions
– Meat demons
– Door handles that turn into penises
– Exploding heads
– Severed limbs
– Reanimated corpses
– Razor toothed slug beasts
– A talking jeep driving dog
– Hot Dog phones
– An animated sequence depicting the massacre of hundreds of people by ferocious space spiders
– A cartoon mask-wearing bear breasted organic sentient computer demon worshipping cult
– The end of the world
– A sample of the dialogue “Last night you had a dream. Your mother was beating you… with a whip of knotted together dicks.”

Yeah, I think what we have here definitely falls into the category of cult movie. John Dies At The End is a wild ride and an absolute trip. The cast and director are clearly having so much fun that the fact that lots of it makes no sense and is frankly ridiculous is completely unimportant. The best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. It is unlikely you will watch a more enjoyable, inventive and plain bonkers movie this year. Go see it.

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