Find Solace in London’s Fyfe


I’m quite impressed when an artist pops an email into my box with a little morsel of aural delight to take me through the day. Today’s treat comes in the form of a debut effort from a London producer named Fyfe. The track Solace brings me such delight and is everything that I like in a song. It’s not complicated in structure, the melodies are simple and stripped back, with minimal fuss the drum beat and synths are gradually introduced and you just cruise along with the track.

It’s delightful as I sit here in the 40+ degree heat (my keyboard is almost too hot to touch) in my underpants in front of the fan. It’s probably just as delightful in the snow of Fyfe’s hometown too.

You can keep up to date with Fyfe on Facebook and, in the meantime, check out the awesome song below:


Words by Carol Bowditch